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Dazzle your users with predictive capabilities

How does Netflix know what you want to watch? How does Google know what you’re searching for? How does Watson know the answer to Jeopardy questions faster than Ken Jennings? Data science! We can help you use your data to design, develop, and integrate predictive features your customers will love.


Each predictive project has several phases. This is our AMMO:


So you’re collecting data but you’re not sure what you can do with it? (You ARE collecting data aren’t you?) We’ll help you identify the quality and usefulness of your current data for use in the prediction tasks that will benefit you most. If you need more, we can help design the data acquisition pipeline you need.


Once we’ve got the data we need to transform it in a dataset conducive to modeling. This can be like herding cats depending on the quality and quantity of your data. As we map from raw data to learning features we can ensure our learning tasks will execute smoothly.


This is the where all the magic happens. We don’t always use the most cutting edge learning models – we use the model that gets you results with the least complexity in the fastest time. If that turns out to be a simple regression that runs on a laptop, great! If it’s a ensemble model incorporating support vector machines, deep learning, and random forests crunching on a Hadoop cluster on AWS… well we can do that too.


Once your spiffy new model is complete and verified, we’ll work with your web/app development team to integrate it into your software. No matter what platform or technology you run on, we’ll find a way to seamlessly provide predictions to your interface. Then, all you’ve got left to do is sit back and watch your user engagement skyrocket.

Our Work

We’ve solved problems for lots of different companies across diverse industries. The specifics are different, but the principles don’t change.

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