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We unlock value hiding inside of your application's data. Go beyond reporting and start building next-generation user experiences with algorithmic personalization.


The user experience provided by your app can mean the difference between runaway growth and stagnation. How are you ensuring that each interaction is optimally valuable for your users? If you treat each user the same, it's highly likely some of them are not going to be so happy. The answer is to know your users, and use data science to personalize their experience throughout your app. There are several ways we accomplish this goal


You can't optimize what you can't track. Collection and storage is always step 1


Give your users what they want before they even ask


We all need a nudge sometimes. Effective and timely pings


Your users have different motivations, don't speak to everyone the same


Dopamine is a hell of a neurotransmitter. Encourage engagment with a carrot, not a stick


Why does your app exist? We love custom domain-specific projects

Who We Work With

We don't want to be your consultants or your vendor - we want to be your partner. You know that there is tremendous value in exceeding your users' expectations, and we want to help you develop your user experience into best-in-industry, whatever that industry may be.

The happier your users are, the happier you are, and the happier you are, the happier we are. Join the win-win-win club, our growing list of satisfied clients...

Project Types

There are a few different types of engagements that we provide to help clients achieve their data-driven goals, depending on your level of data maturity

Expert strategy to ensure your next project is a success

A typical consulting engagement consists of a handful of activities:

Goal Setting

We'll help you formalize your objectives and set quantitative goals to evaluate your current and ideal situations.


we'll dig into your application(s) looking for the types of interactions you have with your users and the data you are/can collect from these interactions


If data has already been collected, we'll investigate what's there, how useful it is, and what else you may want to collect


Your next steps. We'll present all of our findings and recommendations with actionable steps to get you moving in the right direction

We knew we needed to do a better job of collecting and using data within our platform, but weren't sure where to start. Ultraviolet Analytics was super helpful in clearly advising us on what options we had, what low hanging fruit could be exceptionally valuable for us, and helping us define a road map to follow into the future.

-Mike Simson, Founder, One World Lab

Build the features that will move the needle

There's a lot of different steps to going from a plan to a finished product. We've done them all:

Data Collection

Acquire and store the right data

Exploratory Analysis

Do you have enough data? Is it legit? Does it support your objectives?

Predictive Modeling

Machine learning is the process of turning data into magic (technical term)


That magic can be misleading, there are ways to make sure we're on the right track


A picture's worth a thousand words

Ultraviolet Analytics joined the goHUNT team, helping guide the company through development of a product requiring intricate data aggregation, manipulation, calculation, and visualization. As a trusted member of the team, Ultraviolet helped establish goHUNT as the industry leader in Western Hunting data analysis. 

-Andrew Baca, Director of Technology, goHUNT

Get your team up to speed

Ready to develop expertise internally for your team? We design custom curriculums to teach whatever specific topics are most pressing. We have gotten groups up to speed on:

  • Recommender Systems
  • Supervised/Unsupervised machine learning
  • Data preparation techniques
  • General Data Science topics

Dave did an excellent job balancing theory and practice in the workshop he put together for us. We've got a great grasp of what's possible, and we're really excited to put the concepts we learned into practice for our clients in upcoming projects.

- Lubo Smid, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, STRV

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